Our concept

The primary concern of our company is to offer the best service to our guests, our staff, nature and community. That's why eco tourism ideas and awareness have a main focus in our work.


Keeping the environment clean and caring for nature is not only important in our lives, it affects future generations. That's why we are partners of the “keep Rinjani clean” project, we don't leave any rubbish on our trips. We show guests destruction that has happened to the environment and how to protect it.


Another focus is to understand and respect the traditions and culture of Lombok. We teach our guests about local life and history in our area. We also offer trips to taste local and traditional food. We want tourists to see how real life is here.


We also create jobs and fight against unemployment by working together with local people. For example, we buy food for our trips in little shops around the area. Besides having a fix team of qualified workers, we also employ locals for short term work. We hope to help our employees being successful in the future by teaching English and German as well as other skills. We give back to the community by donating to orphanages.


We hope you have a good impression of our concept and vision. Thanks for joining us on the trip. We hope you have a good time and an unforgettable experience.

Andreas' expedition

Rinjani community


Jl. Pariwisata

83354 Senaru


West Nusa Tenggara



phone: +62 81 237 768 281

phone: +43 680 50 433 16

email: andreas.expedition@hotmail.com