About us

My name is Eka Andreas and I’m the founder of Andreas’ expedition. I grew up in Tumpang Sari, a little village close to Senaru. In my childhood I was already fascinated of our mountain, the Gunung Rinjani, and the many stories people have been telling about this special place.


After doing different jobs and working for several families close to my home, I got the chance to work in tourism. For some years I was a porter, climbing Rinjani twice a week in high season and working in different guesthouses in my free time. Then I learned to speak English, became a guide and leaded many people and groups to the mountain. I collected a lot of experience in these years, learned about the mountain, about our own culture, got in contact with people from many other countries and have seen the requirements of people who come to make holidays in Indonesia.


I also had the possibility to go to Europe, visited my wife’s family in Austria and made trips to Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. I tried skiing and tobogganing, have seen big cities, got lost in Vienna, celebrated Christmas, I masqueraded on carnival, was hiking in Salzburg, have seen the Eiffel tower in Paris and also the Leaning tower of Pisa, I tried original Italian pizza, camembert and baguette in France and Käsknöpfle in Vorarlberg. In Europe I have seen how different the way of living is and learned a lot about the foreign culture.


With all this varied experience I have now founded my own office, Andreas’ expedition, and started to organise trips. Very important for me is to offer the best service for my guests. But I also want only the best for my team, our community and the nature. That’s why the realisation of eco friendly tourism is the main focus of my office. A second point is to show my guests the real life on Lombok, to show them how everyday life of locals is and also to provide my guests the opportunity to taste traditional food.


I hope you have a wonderful time in Indonesia and your trip is an unforgettable experience.

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